April 7, 2014

More Shopping Please

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Currently loving everything gold and blush. I've never been a pink girl, but this spring it seems to be all I want. I'm so excited it's starting to get warm! Here are a few things I'm obsessed with on the interwebs. 
xx Cassie

February 27, 2014

{City Staycation} Wear These Spring 2014 Trends to Explore Your City!

Sometimes in our crazy lives it's hard to remember to go beyond the 20 blocks we live and work in. So I'm challenging you to take this weekend and do some exploring in your own hometown. And in a cute outfit of course. Spring is almost here and some of the biggest trends are the easiest to wear! White-on-white, pastels, geometric prints and athletic touches are so easy to incorporate into your outfits with a few new pieces. 
{all pieces from Zappos!}

February 16, 2014

Makeup Sale {Bobbi Brown}

{Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit—Porcelain 0}

Hi everyone! I've done a little bit of shopping lately and ended up getting a few things I didn't need! I have both of these concealers (they're great as a pair, too!) that won't work for my skin so I figured I would sell them to someone who will love them more. This is a great way to try out some new products before buying them full price too!

I will use PayPal to bill the product. Email me at: cassiedulworth@hotmail.com with "Bobbi Brown Makeup" in the subject line if you want either (or both!). Shipping in US is free, ask about international if you're interested. 

Creamy Concealer Kit—Porcelain 0—SOLD
This comes with the creamy concealer and a translucent powder. It was swatched once with a brush, never used! New with the box. Retail is $34 USD, I'm selling it for $22 USD (or best offer). 
{Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick—Porcelain 0}

Face Touch Up Stick—Porcelain 0—SOLD!
This creamy concealer is in the same family as the one above, but is great to keep in your purse or take anywhere as an on-the-go option. Perfect for under eyes or blemishes. Never used. New with box. Retail is $26 USD, I'm selling it for $17 USD (or best offer). 

February 10, 2014

New York City {OOTDs}

{all photos & more can be seen on my instagram: @cassiedulworth}

Hi loves! Long time no talk. I've been busy moving home from Europe and almost straight to NYC for a few months. Starting school, a product development jewelry internship and FASHION WEEK right now (!!!), it's been busy to say the least. I've been documenting most of my outfits here. These are a few from the past few weeks. Which is your favorite? 

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November 11, 2013

Refreshing {Hair Inspiration}

(all images from here)
Hi everyone! A little hair inspiration for you today. For most of my life I went to the same hairdresser as my mom. Now don't get me wrong, she is a great hairdresser && my mom always comes home looking gorgeous. But we didn't click. My hair never looked exactly the way I wanted it and it wasn't until sophomore year of college that I found my "Holy Grail" hairdresser. 
A friend tipped me off to a hair salon near my school and told me Lynn was the best. And she wan't kidding. From the first moment, Lynn and I got along great, we couldn't stop talking and she make my hair look better than it ever had. Ladies, if you haven't found your one and only hairdresser--keep looking! It makes such a difference. I'm really excited to go home and get a much needed trim with some added in layers. I'm definitely loving this look right now!

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November 9, 2013

Insta {Update}

{enjoying some sun on my balcony during a gorgeous fall day in florence | filming a hair curling tutorial | halloween party 2013 | the gates across from the buckingham palace, london}

Hi loves! Here's what I've been up to lately, according to Instagram. You can follow me @CassieDulworth to keep up to date! I've been extra obsessed with posting lately. xx
{taking a boat tour through london | a cozy outfit in london | shopping with my love paige | inspiration}
{the original flora scarf at the gucci museum in florence | gorgeous italian views from the boboli gardens | huge hair day, my favorite | yummy italian pastries}

September 30, 2013

Cinque Terre {5 Villages}

A few weeks ago, my first weekend in Italy, my best friends and I took a trip to the coast to visit one of the most picturesque places, Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre literally means 5 Towns, and, as you would guess, is 5 towns hidden into the mountains of the coast. The Italians who live here have carved ledges into the mountain to plant and grow product like grapes for wine and limes. The colorful houses are said to be a way for sailors who were leaving home to look back at the coast and find their own house, looking upon it fondly one more time before their journey. We only went for a day but it was one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been. It was like living in a postcard.

The first town was by far my favorite. We ate at a tiny little cafe right on the coast, having fresh omelets and coffee. After being there for about an hour we took a train to the next town where Kate and I spent probably 2 hours exploring the tiny streets, shops and taking pictures of the Mediterranean Sea. The coastline is stunning and the water was the most beautiful turquoise color. 
After exploring for a while we stopped to get a snack before moving on to the last island. Our friend directed us to a little Foccaciaria that was hidden among all of the shops. When we walked in a cute old man was working behind the counter. We picked out delicious looking rosemary foccacia that he heated up for us in a big stone oven. Let me tell you-it was the most amazing bread I have ever tasted and it cost ONE euro! I wanted to buy everything in his shop just so I could eat it for the rest of the semester. It was divine and if I ever go back to Cinque this place will be my first stop. 
At about 4pm we took one more train to the last town which had a big beach. In italy public beach space is pretty limited so we snatched up the biggest spot we could find, laid down our towels and ran into the water. It wasn't necessarily warn but it wasn't cold either. The waves were pretty rough that day so we spent an hour in the water jumping waves and enjoying the sun. Being at a beach with the colorful coast on one side and mountains on the otherside was amazing. It was definitely an experience, to say the least.
After we finished at the beach we went out for a huge seafood (I didn't eat the seafood, as I'm vegetarian) and pasta dinner. It was delicious. All in all, it was an amazing day. Cinque is only about 2 hours from me in Florence and I would recommend it as a MUST GO spot for anyone who find themselves in Italy. Given the chance, I would move to Cinque in a heartbeat. 
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